Renewable Energy in Our Communities

There many possible ways to generate energy for our everyday use. They can be easily added to homes and businesses. They are cost-efficient ways to use the environment while saving it from the harm caused by fossil fuels and non-energy efficient products.

What is Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy is energy collected in a way that will replenish itself. It is naturally occurring, and can be set up to be used at home and in businesses to cut costs while protecting the environment.

What are Renewable energy resources?

1. Solar

Solar power is a terrific resource to collect in areas where sunlight is in abundance. Setting up a solar system takes an investment into the system itself, but within a couple of years, you are saving money you would have spent on electricity by generating your own. The system can be set up as a grid or in a parallel system with the entire system being monitored for the number of volts collected. It is a very efficient way to use the natural resource known as the sun, which rises every day.

2. Wind

Using wind energy requires you to put a small or large windmill-like structure. As the wind blows, the propeller on it turns, and electricity is generated. Every turn of the blades is collected and stored in batteries or is sent along cables to homes and businesses that use it to run their buildings and homes. It is a good structure to build in areas where there will be a constant supply of wind to keep the electricity follows.

3. Rain

Collecting rainwater is not a new way to get water near and around a home. It is perfect for setting up a system that does not rely completely on water supplied from a city and is a good way to help irrigate your own plants while storing excess water for use in the home or for other water-related requirements. It is easy to set up specially covered gutters on your home and business to allow for the water you collect to flow directly into special storage tanks so the water can be purified and repumped into the home or business.

4. Geothermal Energy

This one is more difficult for the average person to do on their own, which is why it is usually done by the cities themselves. It takes the heated water and steam directly from the earth and is used to run power stations around the area. It is a good way to use a natural resource and disturb it around the region to the local people.

Using renewable resources is the best way to save the planet as well as reduce your own bills. It is not so easy to set a lot of it up, and it does take some money, but it is exactly the thing people need to start doing more of in the interests of keeping our own planet alive and healthy.

Author: Izabella Carrillo

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