Top 5 Industry Leader in Renewable Energy and Why?

The debate between renewable and non-renewable energy resources is not new in the town. But for the past few decades, the world’s focus has been heavily inclined towards exploring and utilising unconventional ways to fulfil the energy requirements. The reason is basically the cost and scarcity of existing reserves. Keeping all of this in mind, let’s take a look at those giants who are leading the race in this particular context.

First Solar
First Solar is a U.S based company headquartered in Arizona. It has a massive infrastructure all around the world and has a speciality in generating renewable energy through solar panels. Their capacity is enormous, and they even have solar installations in islands like Samoa.
The firm uses PV technology to generate solar energy in a unique way that even the smallest particle of carbon has been utilised which not only enhances the performance, but also gives an undisputed edge over other solar energy creators.

Vestas Wind Systems
Vestas Wind Systems can proudly consider themselves as the oldest player in the market operating since 1898. It is also a multinational giant with footprints in several countries. They are experts in the field of wind turbines, and their market share exceeds the mammoth 60%, which is the largest in the industry. As far as capacity is concerned, Vestas Wind Systems is now touching 18GW across the globe.

Crop Energies AG
Based in Germany, Crop Energies AG is a specialist in producing ethanol and other Biofuels, which can be considered as renewable as they originate from corn or other natural resources.
Even though their tag of “cleanliness” can’t be matched with the quality of sunlight or wind, the truth is that ethanol is still very refined when compared to other fossil fuels. The annual estimation of Crop Energies production is 1.3 million cubic meters of biofuels.


Invenergy is a combination of innovation and energy. Invenergy group of companies owns, create and control mega renewable energy projects and storage facilities installed mostly in the USA and Europe. Its head office is based in Chicago and down the line structure is spread all over the United States and Europe. Invernergy and its associated companies are planning to expand their scope towards solar energy, natural gas, and wind resources in order to reduce dependency on already diminishing conventional energy reserves. Currently, their capacity is 23,264 MW with a strong profile of 156 functional renewable projects.

Geronimo Energy

Geronimo Energy is a multi-dimensional energy development corporation with its headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Geronimo is involved in producing 1600 MW of energy from multiple resources primarily from wind and solar. Geronimo also provides consultancy services to the corporate world to overcome their energy requirements in the most proficient manner in order to sustain business growth. They have a capacity of producing 9,135 MW till date.