Tips for purchasing commercial kitchen equipment

Running a successful food business entails lots of hard work. Making a name for yourself and ensuring regular clients is difficult, especially with so many vendors selling food. What sets your food apart is what has people coming back for more.

Using proper commercial kitchen equipment is a game changer. If you are an excellent cook and have the right utensils at hand, you can create the most scrumptious dishes no one can get enough of. Whether you specialize in making pizzas, pastas or BBQ food, the right kitchen equipment can turn even average food into gourmet cuisine. Read on for valuable information on different types of cooking equipment available in the market.

Purchasing cooking equipment

There are various types of cooking equipment with different cooking styles and menu requirements. A commercial oven comes in different varieties like convection, deck and combination models. Each of these models have specific cooking tasks. Cooking in convection ovens circulate hot air for even cooking. On the other hand, deck ovens have multiple shelves and beneficial for kitchens where high volume-cooking is an everyday occurrence. Combination ovens provide convection and steam cooking options and have gas and electric models.

 Refrigeration equipment

Buy a commercial refrigerator for your business to maintain food safety and quality. Reach-in refrigerators and freezers provide easy access to ingredients. Walk-in refrigerators have ample storage space but are expensive. Ice machines produce ice for cooling drinks and keeping food cold. If space is an issue, consider purchasing under count refrigerators and freezers ideal for small kitchens. For deli owners, refrigerated prep tables and sandwich units increase productivity.

Purchasing food preparation equipment

Food preparation equipment comprises of slicers for cutting vegetables and meat. They offer precise cutting so everything has uniform thickness and makes the best salads and sandwiches. Handheld and stand mixers beat and mix ingredients easily.   Immersion blenders and countertop models help puree food, soups and sauces. Don’t forget food processors to chop, slice and puree ingredients within seconds.

Purchasing sanitation equipment

A commercial kitchens is clean with proper hygiene and sanitation. Invest in commercial dishwashers available in under counter and conveyor models. These sanitize dishes and utensils. Invest in sinks that are compartmentalized and have hand washing models, these allow ample space for washing and rinsing different utensils.

Cold and hot beverage equipment

Coffee shops and cocktail places require commercial beverage equipment to serve hot and cold drinks efficiently. Soda dispensers and juice machines are a sought-after commodity, especially during hot weather. Everyone loves smoothies, so invest in blender and smoothie machines to create the yummiest frozen treats.

All of these equipment are essential if you want to upgrade your commercial kitchen equipment. It can be quite expensive because these models are made with latest innovations and used for commercial purposes. Its crucial to purchase equipment after proper research. If you are the owner of a food business, visit commercial kitchen equipment suppliers in person an make informed decisions about equipment you require for your specific needs.

Author: Izabella Carrillo

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