Benefits of OTR Mining Truck Tyres

Off the Road tyres abbreviated to OTR are specifically made for commercial uses and trucks that routinely travel through rough terrains. OTR mining truck tyres are designed to allow efficient navigation of tough terrain that could prevent other trucks from doing so. The dynamic design of OTR mining truck tyres also allows vehicles to carry a lot of weight without issues.

Common Construction Types of OTR Mining Truck Tyres


The design of the tyre to make it last longer and stronger is the parallel cords running from the beads across the tread. Radial tyres are the perfect choice for drivers wanting faster-moving vehicles.


The cross-ply material of bias tires extending from bead to bead is its most outstanding feature. Slower moving vehicles are suited perfectly to this type of tyre.

Belted Bias

The design of two or more cross-ply layers distinguishes belted bias tyres from bias tyres.

When it comes to OTR tyres, the above models are commonly used for various hauling purposes including building, road grading, and quarry operations.

Unique Parameters of OTR Mining Truck Tyres

Just like other types of tyres, OTR tyres show distinctive variations in performance and capacity. Understanding more of their qualities allows you to decide if they work for you.

  • Chafer: The bead area resists erosion with the layer of hard rubber protection provided by the chafer.
  • Bead Bundle: The bead bundle is the steel rim sitting outside the tyre’s sidewall.
  • Thread: Traction is provided by the thread.
  • Apex: It is a rubber filler found over the bead bundle. Its sole responsibility is to allow a progressive transition of the rubber tire wall from the bead bundle zone.
  • Carcass: The wire beads and body plies are the things contained in the casing of the tyre.
  • Sidewall: Everything is covered by the side layer except the belt and tread package
  • Belt Package: The tyre is strengthened with low-angle steel cord layers.
  • Inner Liner: The compounded rubber layer of tubeless tyres is known as the inner liner.
  • Radial Ply: The braking, loading, and steering forces transmitted between the wheel and the road are the responsibility of the radial ply.

Benefits of OTR Mining Truck Tyres

Any commercial equipment or heavy-duty trucks that are installed with OTR mining truck tyres gain multiple benefits, including:

Quick recovery

The bounce and rebound of commodities transported from point A to B are likely to spill over when driving through rough terrain. Opting for OTR tyres decreases recoil, thereby saving operators money and time on unnecessary delays and clean-ups.

Boosted stability

The safety of both equipment and operators is boosted by the stability provided by OTR tyres.

Enhanced durability

The construction methods and the high-quality materials used in designing OTR tyres make them one of the toughest tyres to use on rugged terrain. Frequent replacements are reduced when the choice is OTR tyres.

Enhanced safety

The excellent manoeuvrability, stability, and traction provided by the tyres enhance safety for both machines and operators in any type of rough terrain.


Operating costs are reduced with the improved fuel efficiency provided by the tyres.

High performance

High performance and efficiency in heavy-duty vehicles and machinery are boosted with the help of OTR tyres.

Boosted productivity

Improved performance, reduced downtime, and enhanced safety provided by the tyres result in increased productivity.

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Author: Izabella Carrillo

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