Nitty-Gritty of A Built-In Barbecue

When friends or family gather together, cooking indoors seems awkward. The best solution is to cook outdoors. Did you know food cooked outdoors tastes better? Yes, you heard that right. Many people find pleasure in cooking outdoors. While there is much equipment to help you prepare from outdoors, one old-time equipment is a standout: barbeque.

In fact, it has a new name – an outdoor kitchen. With modifications to this type of kitchen, we currently have a built-in barbecue, whose primary purpose is to elevate the art of cooking outdoors.

Built-in barbecue details

Also called Barbecue Island, is simply a structure with a grill and other vital structures that make up an outdoor kitchen. These structures have been in use for a long time, and currently, their demand is increasing due to their importance in transforming the outdoors into a great kitchen.

The built-in barbecues are versatile structures. They can use gas or charcoal. With a wide range of a source of fuel, anyone can use this device, and at any place.

Before you think of buying, consider the following difference with built-in bbqs:

  • Fuel type: is it charcoal or gas? Everybody has a peculiar taste. Proponents of charcoal barbecue argue that if you are roasting meat, then charcoal gives you the best flavours, thanks to the different you use. By contrast, gas proponents like the gas counterpart because of the quick set up and the ability to set up temperature accurately. You can choose what to buy, based on what you want to cook.
  • Price: based fuel type, gas grills are more expensive than charcoal grills. However, in the long run, the cost of gas is lower than charcoal.
  • Size: the sizes vary – small, medium-size or a gargantuan grill. Whatever option you choose to buy should fit your need. That means you have to consider how you are going to use you’re the grill. If you will be hosting many people regularly, then a sizeable sized BBQ is the best option. Generally, experts advise that a 50 square inches are enough.
  • Material: the best material is stainless steel. It is rust-resistant, easy to clean and lasts longer.
  • Grates & Burners: it should be able to capture heat and hold it long enough to create grill lines on the meat.
  • BTUs: this is the maximum heat produced by the grill. Keep in mind that you can improve heat efficiency by having a snug-fitting lid and thick sides to retain heat.

Consideration while building a built-in barbecue

After buying your grill, you’ll have to think about how to install it critically. There are stricter rules, design factors and materials to consider. Typically, consider:

  • Appearance: put into consideration the style of your house as well as the landscape. Modern homes usually blend well with stainless steel. Similarly, this structure blends well with a home garden. Always balance the masonry, colours and brickwork.
  • Positioning: construct your barbecue where there are little chances of being a fire hazard. Also, consider the smoke pattern. You should always create a comfortable buffer zone from any seating areas so that your guest doesn’t choke up in smoke.
  • Maintenance: a BBQ is cooking equipment. Thus, it should be maintained clean how you design your BBQ can make it easy or difficult to clean and repair.

Author: Izabella Carrillo

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